Kuta Babe

When it comes to Asian porn, the country of Indonesia doesn`t get much attention. Unfortunately most of today`s so-called Asian porn is made in the US with Asian-looking models only instead of the real deal. Of course there is also some genuine porn coming from Thailand and the Philippines and mostly this is the best stuff available on the market like FILIPINA SEX DIARY and SUBMIT YOUR THAI. Those smaller, sometimes amateurish (in a positive way) sites are often run by fans for fans with the right dedication to Asian porn. Another small but interesting project in this category is KUTA BABE with exclusive hardcore footage of real Indonesian girls from Kuta, Bali, which is definitely something we don`t get to see very often. Check out these hot and fresh faces if you love amateur Asian girls as much as I do.

Indonesian Babe

2 real Balinese girls getting ready to rumble in KUTA BABE

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